Premium SO Range Back-Lit Mirror - Pill Shape

Premium SO Range Back-Lit Mirror - Pill Shape


The Ablaze Backlit range mirrors are made to fit your design and space. All of our Ablaze Backlit range mirrors are backed with a 3-year warranty.

The SO500C features a 5mm silver mirror with a polished edge border. This mirror is designed with a long body and rounded ends to create an interesting and chic design. The lighting is featured at the back of the mirror and shines from behind. The cool lighting casts a bright, white light into your room.

This mirror is designed to be hardwired up to a separate switch. This mirror is screwed to the wall and can only be mounted portrait making it perfectly suited for use over a double bowel vanity.

The SO500C includes a mirror demister which is a thin heating pad that is installed behind the mirror to prevent the mirror from fogging up. 


Please note the mirror demister is attached to the mirror and controlled simultaneously with the lights via an external switch.





Technical Information:

Output: 39Watts

Warranty: 3yrs

Wiring Type: Concealed (Hardwired) at the centre of the back

Mirror Thickness: 5mm

Lighting Type: LED

Light Colour: Cool - 6400K

Mounting Method: Screw to Wall

Material: Silver mirror with metal light box

Edge Type: Polished

Orientation: Portrait Only


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