Gripset General Purpose Primer 5L

Gripset General Purpose Primer 5L


• Suitable for porous substrates
• Fast drying with economical coverage
• Outstanding adhesion

• Solvent free
• Fast drying, enabling membrane application within 30 minutes
• Excellent adhesion to porous building surfaces
• Prepares surface for application of Gripset membranes
• Compatible with Gripset membrane coatings, acrylic paints, and tile adhesives
• Cement compatible to form bonding slurries, mortars and renders
• Improved bond strength when used as a bonding agent
• Brushable and sprayable
• Easy to use

• On standard porous building surfaces before Gripset membrane applications
• Tile and paint primer on porous surfaces
• Bonding additive for cement slurries
• Additive for patch mortars, renders and screeds
• Waterproof fillets
• Dust sealer on powdery surfaces

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