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What You Should Consider When Choosing Tile - A Guide

Tile can make a big difference in your home, so it is important to make design choices that will suit the rest of your decor well. The amount of options available can get overwhelming, so we have collated this brief guide of what you should consider when choosing tile for your space. These include tile size, colour, texture, and pattern; the grout used; and the room size and colour.

Tile size

A main thing to consider when choosing tile is the size and shape of the tile. Each variation offers a different look to a room. Large tiles can make a room feel more spacious, while small tiles can be used to create patterns or be a feature of the room.


Another important thing to consider when choosing a tile variety is the colour of the tile. Do you want a colour that will contrast other elements of the room and become a design feature, or do you want a tile that will blend well with the other elements of the room and be more cohesive? This is all up to personal taste and style - there are no wrong answers.

Room Size

Tile can make a big impact on the perceived size of a room. Larger tiles that are light and glossy can open up a small space because they reflect light. In a larger space you likely can experiment a lot more with sizes, colours, and finishes.


Even grout can be chosen strategically. A grout close in colour to your tile can help create a cohesive appearance, good for if you want a subtle tile look. Alternatively choosing a grout in a contrasting colour can bring out the patterns in tiles, and become a feature piece throughout your home. Make sure whichever grout you choose that it is suitable for its use such as anti-fungal properties for a bathroom or an epoxy for high traffic areas. As an additional measure, grout that is sealed properly can reduce the chance of damage and discolouration. This is usually an extra service on top and you should request it with your tiler if your budget allows.

Texture and Pattern

There are a great range of patterns, textures, and finishes available for tile - each with their own benefits. Glazed or glossy tiles are easy to clean, whereas other tiles such as natural marble or natural marble mosaics are not as easy without extra steps such as sealing. Materials are important to consider as well, as not all floor tiles are suitable to be installed on walls as well, whereas wall tiles often can’t be installed on floors. Give us a call or check out our range to explore the range of options further.

If still in doubt about what tile to choose feel free to give us a call, check out our website stock, or come in-store to check out our range and discuss your needs with one of our friendly staff members. We are always willing to help someone find the perfect tile for their space - we are tile experts and will be able to help you find something great.

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