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What Bathroom Trends Will Be Popular In 2022?

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Is 2022 the year you will finally be redoing your bathroom? Well, you are in for quite a treat because the expected trends for 2022 break the over-used bathroom look that everyone has been going for, for the last decade. These trends will also help you create a bathing room that is much more visually pleasing, with plenty of elements to keep your mind preoccupied while you are enjoying a lavish soak in the tub.

Here is a quick look at bathroom trends that are expected to be big in 2022.

Smart Bathroom Features

A smart bathroom is certainly worth looking into, is 2022 after all. Why should you cling to primitive bathroom accessories when there are so many smart devices out there that can make life a lot easier for seniors, those with disabilities, and those with mobility issues? It is time to start using all the advantages modern tech offers you by creating a smart bathroom that contains the following feature types.

A smart bidet toilet

The Lafeme luxury smart bidet toilet is the ultimate bathroom companion. This fantastic toilet has a lid sensor that offers an auto-open, auto flush, and auto-close function. The seat is heated with 5 temperature levels, it is energy efficient thanks to a sleep mode and battery, it can be remotely controlled via your smartphone and it even has a backup battery in case the power goes out.

Mixer taps

Mixers taps make it much easier to get the ideal water temperature and they have great water-saving features to help you reduce the effects you may have on our planet. There are so many styles to choose from no matter the look that you’re after.

Smart mirrors

You can also get a smart mirror installed that comes with an anti-fog system, a touch on/off button, and surround LED lighting that will enhance your features in the mirror. Upgrade to add bluetooth and auto 1-hour demister cut off for ease of use!

Spa-Like Features

Spa-bathrooms are also going to be a big hit in 2022 since those glorious bubble baths are slowly becoming more affordable. That spa-feel of this type of bathroom is then enhanced by adding wooden look tiles or marble look tiles as well as some minimal styled frameless shower doors and charming solid quartz countertops.

Statement Vanity

The time where bathrooms were empty, cold, and uncomfortable is finally coming to an end. In 2022, you can add a couple of warm, homey touches to your bathroom by adding a bit of colour back into the bathroom as an aesthetic feature. Don’t limit your options to just a plain gloss white, there are so many finishes, colours and styles available.

Feature Wall

Simple and all-white bathrooms have been very popular these past few years but it seems this simplistic look is losing its popularity among bathroom renovators lately. Instead, people are very likely to choose a wall that will stand out and be tiled with a feature tile that you can marvel at. The colourful or unique walls are typically stylish mosaic wall tiles and the focus on your walls can be emphasized by complimentary light coloured marble floors with a smooth finish.

Statement Marble

Marble has slowly been making a comeback these past few years and is bound to be very popular in 2022. You can certainly consider statement marble walls with matching marble look floor tiles and a similar but slightly different quarts countertop for your bathroom. Add a couple of natural stone crystals to your bathroom for décor and you will have one astounding-looking bathroom that offers plenty of interest.

Did you like any of these 2022 trends? DC Ceramics is a company that can help you make your future bathroom dreams come true because they stock up on all the latest and best bathroom items that you can get for your home right now.

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