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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Bathroom Vanity

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Your bathroom vanity is a very important feature in the bathroom. The perfect vanity for you will need to look good, fit your bathroom space and also provide the storage and functionality needed to suit your everyday routine.

Since this is such an important part of your bathroom, it makes sense to take some time to plan for your vanity. There are a few great tips to help you choose the perfect bathroom vanity that’ll tick all your boxes.

Consider Your Needs

Before you start considering things like colour, size, or decorative features, you need to plan for functionality and storage spaces.

If you have a shared space, it’s great to have more drawers than cupboards as this allows for dedicated drawers to each person. If you perfect to keep cleaning products, shampoos and lotions in the vanity, it’s a great option to have cupboards as this allows for products to stand up. If you know what will be stored in your vanity, you will get a much better idea of the cabinet style you need. This could be a vanity with all drawers, all cupboards or a combination of both.

Measure Out Your Space

It is important to measure the space you have when you are shopping for a vanity. Not all vanities will fit into the space you have. It’s important to have the measurements of the maximum length and width on hand. You should also consider what space is available in front of the vanity to allow for the opening of drawers and doors. It’s also great to consider which way you would prefer the cupboard doors to swing so you don’t end up struggling to get into the vanity when a toilet or bathroom door is constantly getting in your way.

Check Your Plumbing

Changes to your plumbing will be an additional cost to factor in. Choosing the right vanity that suits your existing plumbing will help you avoid these additional plumbing costs or at least keep them at a low. This means considering to install your vanity in the same position/wall as your existing vanity or have your shower, bath and vanity on the same side of the bathroom. As it isn’t always simple to move a drain and for new pipework, you might have to drill new holes through your walls.

Your plumbing can affect the type of vanity you need. A corner vanity with cupboards might be best if the plumbing pipes are fitted close to the corner of the room. Wall hung vanities are a great option to create a more open-spaced feel in the bathroom, however if your existing plumbing has a low position in the wall this may have to be moved higher to fit the vanity. Freestanding vanities generally provide more space for plumbing and can maximise your storage space. The next step is considering the type of tapware you’ll want as this can also affect the plumbing costs.

Have an Idea of What Look You’re After

Do a bit of research on what kind of theme or look you’re trying to achieve in the bathroom. Consider the tiles, colour of tapware and style of the room. With this in mind, you should be able to choose a vanity that compliments the rest of the bathroom and its fixtures. Its also a great idea to visit showrooms and speak with a consultant to help with advice.

Choose a Basin Style

Basins are available in all sorts of designs and styles. You need to keep the vanity height and plumbing height in mind when you choose a sink. Above counter basins are very popular in bathrooms because they won’t take up any storage space inside your vanity. Above counter basins can also be a way to add a bit of colour or character to a simple vanity design as there are many shapes, finishes and colours to choose from. Undermount basins can maximise your counter space as they are typically build into a stone top or ceramic top. You should also consider who will be using the bathroom when you choose your basin style. If the bathroom is mostly used for guests then a single basin should be enough. For couple or family bathrooms, double basins are great because there is no need to wait for one person to finish before you can get to your morning or evening routine.

DC Ceramics

With these tips, we are quite sure that you will find out exactly what you need for your bathroom. If it is time for you to start shopping then you should visit DC Ceramics in Melbourne. They offer a wide range of beautiful bathroom basins, vanities, tapware and tiles to choose from.

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