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The Cottage Bathroom Trend: Yes Or No?

throom trends are something that comes and goes like a tide. Some trends are here one moment and gone the next, while others seem to stay current over and over again. There are lots of different bathroom styles or trends that you can adopt for your next bathroom. Some love the farmhouse style, others prefer a bright and quirky bathroom design, and others prefer to focus on a monochrome modern look.

The cottage bathroom trend has been pretty popular for quite some time and now more so than ever. So what exactly is it and is it a good choice for your bathroom? Let’s explore and find out.

What Is The Cottage Bathroom Trend?

The cottage trend is founded on three basic words; bright, white, and charming. The trend is focused on creating a classic comfortable setup that is elegant and timeless. The feel of cottage-themed bedrooms, bathrooms, or kitchens are usually relaxing, airy, and uplifting.

This trend is also quite diverse. It is practical for use in modern as well as traditional home designs.

Common trademarks of the cottage bathroom are classic white bathroom ware with white tiled walls, retro faucets or taps, and touches of natural light wood in the form of woven baskets, light oak worktops or shelves, wooden toilet seats, and timber window frames. The floors can be marble and touches of warmth throughout the room. Light marble floors are usually decorated in natural coloured floor mats while light wooden floors are also a great option.

In modern home setups, it is not uncommon to have a luxurious bathtub, countertop sink, and touches of light mosaic tiles in your cottage-themed bathroom.

How Does The Cottage Trend Compare To Other Decorating Trends?

One of the advantages that the cottage trend has over other decorating trends is that it’s adaptable with many styles and homes. In many cases, the cottage trend can be more rustic with vintage furniture pieces and classic plumbing fittings. The cottage look can be modernised to create a minimalistic yet warm pairing.

You are also not too likely to get tired of this bathroom any time soon since the trend is styled with fittings that are harmonious, calm, and relaxing- definitely not over-the-top.

Why Are Cottage Bathrooms So Appealing?

A lot of people and interior decorators feel that this style's vintage influence is what makes it so popular. You can cling to a bit of tradition and history and still leverage modern technology like water-saving taps, modern bathroom fixtures, and backlit mirrors without losing the authentic cottage feel.

The brightness and lightness of the trend are also inviting and can make even the smallest bathroom feel big and comfortable.

A natural touch of light wood has a soothing effect on the mind and offers a sense of elegance. Natural wood is also a material and colour that has been trendy for centuries and isn’t likely to fall out of fashion any time soon.

The all-white bathroom accessories and items have also been popular for many years because these lighter colours tend to make small rooms with limited lighting feel larger and brighter. The white colour also offers a sense of cleanliness that is challenging to achieve in darker bathrooms.

Decided that the cottage trend is a suitable look for your home? At DC Ceramics, we have a wide range of bathroom accessories, tiles, and fixtures that are ideal for creating this type of look and will offer you great functionality thanks to their superior quality.

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