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6 Great Bathroom Trends to Inspire Your Remodel

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

A lot has changed in home trends these past few years. Two of the biggest changes is probably the focus on high hygiene standards in homes and maximising space . Everyone is doing everything they can to stay clean and germ-free since the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020. High-traffic areas like bathrooms are particularly focused on. Modern bathroom trends are all about creating easy-to-clean surfaces and antimicrobial fixtures so you can minimize the chances of exposure.

If you’re busy with a bathroom renovation project and want to create a functional yet trendy bathroom then you can fall in with the following concepts that are popular at the moment.

If you’re busy with a bathroom renovation project and want to create a functional yet trendy bathroom then you can fall in with the following concepts that are popular at the moment.

1. Wall Hung (Floating) Vanities

Freestanding vanities with lots of storage used to be the leading bathroom trend. Lately however, more people have started investing in floating vanities. Wall Hung vanities or floating vanities are popular right now because they look so modern and also make it easier to clean your bathroom floors since you can and disinfect the entire floor surface without working around a wood vanity that can absorb germs, dirt and grime. These vanities still offer plenty of storage but are much cleaner since there is no where that dust can hide.

2. Large Wall Tiles

Small tiles like subway tiles or mosaics continue to trend as they can bring out a different feel and characteristic to a space. For many, this may not fit into their budget so many are switching over to larger sized tiles for both wall and floor surfaces. These large format tiles offer a sense of luxury, especially if the tiles offer a natural stone-look like marble or travertine. The larger tiles start at 600x600mm will provide an illusion of a larger space and minimises the number of grout lines in the bathroom for easier maintenance.

3. Back-Lit Mirrors or Mirror Cabinets

This trend will bring a beautiful ambience to any room and looks good in all settings. These mirrors or shaving mirror cabinets come in so many shapes, sizes and colours to match your vanity and maximise your bench space and reduce clutter.

4. Bath Tubs

Quick 5 minute showers used to be the norm for most people who had to rush to get to work, but with more people working from home, there is a lot more time for a relaxing soak in a warm bath. All the stress of our everyday schedules also has a lot more people in dire need of a good and relaxing bath to unwind and reset.

The possibilities are endless now that a wider range of smaller space-saving tubs has become available on the market. Choose freestanding, back-to-wall or corner bathtubs to suit your bathroom and make the most of the space you have without compromising style.

5. Warm Colours

Light colours and especially white and light grey was very popular in bathroom designs these past few years. More recently however, people have started showing a greater preference for warmer or more natural hues. The warmer colours offer a more relaxed feel than walls with a cool tone. Beige and taupe coloured tiles are a beautiful choice along with the availability of patterns such as stone-look and marbles mean that customers can continue to add more colour to their bathrooms through their tapware, vanities and accessories. Timber-look vanities are also trending as they bring the perfect contrast to any room, cool or warm toned, with a warm and inviting feel.

6. Stone Countertops

Stone countertops, and especially solid surface countertops are just as popular in bathrooms as ever before. Unlike standard ceramic countertops, many of our suppliers offer customised options such as custom sizing, offset basin options, undermount and flat top. Customer’s choosing a flat top will have even more choice on what basin colours, finishes and shapes they want to complete the vanity and utilise your bench space as you please.

DC Ceramics in Melbourne

2021 is a terrific year to upgrade your bathroom with so many more custom options available on the market to suit your style. If you want to upgrade to a new bathroom that’s modern, functional and has more hygiene features then it’s time for you to start shopping from a tile and bathroom that offers contemporary and custom products like DC Ceramics in Springvale.

Quality bathroom tiles are vital, as the bathroom is possibly the most important room in the home. Get in touch with us to know more about Mosaic tiles. Speak to our experts today for the best bathroom vanity units.

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