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Bathroom Upgrades for A Spring-Fresh Feel All Year Round

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Spring is finally here! Most people are extremely grateful for the arrival of this bright and cheerful season. With the seasonal change, Spring gives us fresher air, more vibrant colours all around, livelier animals and more motivation to complete all of the goals that we have been putting off throughout winter.

You probably have a lot of things to get to this season. If a bathroom upgrade is in your scope then this should be the first project you take on.

Your bathroom is one of the first rooms you enter when you wake up in the morning. Fresh and vibrant rooms have a way of lifting our moods. A freshened bathroom can leave you feeling even more energised this spring and for the rest of the year.

Here is a quick look at some of the best bathroom concepts to consider for a spring fresh feel.

Update Old Bathroom Sanitary Ware

Bathroom sanitaryware can get stained or worn over time. The stains usually result from constant exposure to harsh metals in the water but can also be damaged after lots of wear and tear thinned out the protective coating. Stained and out-of-date sanitaryware are unsightly features that can make your bathroom feel anything but fresh. New sanitaryware like a new tub, a statement basin, a vanity upgrade, or a shower upgrade can make your bathroom look and feel a lot better.

Update and Layer Lighting

The bathroom is the one room that should be well-lit and not just so you can see well. Bathrooms are usually some of the smallest rooms in households and businesses. Poor lighting will make these rooms look and feel even smaller.

A few lighting upgrades like LED downlights, LED-backlit mirrors and if possible, new windows can really brighten up your space.

Add More Storage

Clutter is the one thing that can make any bathroom – or any room for that matter – look messy and unattractive. Stepping into a bathroom that is cluttered with bottles of cleaning products, skincare products, fragrances, makeup, and cleaning tools can create unnecessary stress and frustration.

Add more storage to your bathroom vanity units so you can create a dedicated space for all of your bathroom toiletries. A wall-hung vanity, more drawers, mirror cabinet, floating shelves, or even a couple of baskets can help combat all that clutter and will make your bathroom look and feel much bigger.

Focus On Wall Colours That Trigger Good Moods

All-white bathrooms were extremely popular a few years ago and can still be a very good option for your home as a timeless option for years to come. More recently, bright colours or statement mosaics are becoming more sought-after décor features for people who want to create a unique space. While you are adding a dash of colour, you should opt for colours that will boost your mood. Yellow, orange, pink, and red are known to make you feel happier. Pastel colours like peach, pink, and lilac can also uplift your mood. You can also consider blue, mint, or green hues if you want to boot your motivational levels early in the morning.

A few simple bathroom upgrades can make a huge difference in the way you feel in the morning and the way you start your day. DC Ceramics is an ideal bathroom specialist to trust if you are shopping for all the best and latest bathroom products. With modern and superior quality bathroom ware, your bathroom renovation project is bound to be a huge success.

DC Ceramics has been supplying quality mosaic tiles Melbourne & Bathroomware. Get in touch with us for reliable bathroom shops Melbourne for any project.

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