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Bathroom Tile Selection: Top 5 Choices for 2021/2022

Looking to brighten up your bathroom this year? Bathroom remodelling can be an exciting opportunity to open up space, or at least create the illusion of greater space therein, let more natural sunlight in, install modern fixtures and glass door showers, and much more.

The simple and humble bathroom tile, on its own, isn’t the focal centrepiece of a bathroom. When chosen with care and fitted professionally, however, bathroom tiles can transform the entire appearance of the bathroom and evoke feelings of calm, rejuvenation, and peace.

Below are our top five choices for bathroom tiles for 2021/2022:

  1. Calcutta Grigio Marble Look Tile

There are many good reasons why marble tiles have long been considered the cream of the crop for bathroom tiling. Not only does marble look elegant and natural, but it also contrasts the clean white with darker patterns running along the tiles.

Our Calcutta Grigio Marble Look Tile are made of porcelain and are coated in a glazed gloss to replicate the natural look of marble whilst also providing style and durability on bathroom walls and floors. Each individual tile is 300x600mm. We have a range of marble look tiles to choose from in our showroom.

  1. Timber Look Tiles

Wooden floors and bathrooms normally mix like water and oil, but timber look tiles are now becoming a popular choice for homeowners looking to add a warm touch to their homes and bathrooms without compromising on the waterproof properties and durability of a porcelain tile.

Our Royal Oak Wooden Look Tile has the appearance of royal oak, a luxurious wood species, yet is made of porcelain and available in a matt non-slip finish. Although these tiles can be installed on walls and floors alike, they’re an amazing choice for a bathroom floor when contrasted with a natural tone on the walls. Size of each tile is 225x900x10mm (WxLxH).

  1. Japanese Finger Mosaics

The elegant yet clean and simple Japanese Finger Mosaics are an excellent choice for bathroom walls. The elegant look of a Japanese finger-tile mosaic pattern provides a wonderful aesthetic and the smooth contours reflect natural sunlight to create a stunning effect.

These tiles are available in 284x298mm sheets and come in five colours, including Gloss Blue, Gloss Sage, Gloss Grey, Gloss Green, and Gloss White.

  1. Rubix Gloss White

A simple yet fun geometric pattern design can be found with our Rubix Gloss White tiles. These ceramic wall tiles have a clean, off-white finish that contrasts nicely with the strong, defined lines creating a repeating cube pattern.

The Rubix Gloss White tiles come in 48x48x6 tile sizes on sheets 267x309mm in size. This tile is ideal for wall mounting in interior applications.

  1. Bianco Matt Porcelain Tile

A great tile choice for clean, modern bathrooms, the Bianco Matt Tile is a superb choice. These tiles can be mounted both on the walls and floor and look great when the entire bathroom is covered in their simple, matt finish, since it allows you to decorate and focus attention on more central statement pieces like a nice new bathtub or vanity, for example.

The Bianco Matt Tile is made of porcelain and comes in a neutral tone with a smooth matt finish, suitable for any room in the house. Sizes include 300x600mm and 600x600mm.

DC Ceramics

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