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6 Ways to Warm Up Your Winter in the Bathroom

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Snuggling up in a warm bed during winter is great fun, but tip-toeing into a freezing bathroom during winter isn’t quite as enjoyable. Stepping onto an icy cold floor or taking a seat on an icy throne can leave you feeling chilled to the bone.

Bathrooms are usually pretty chilly because the materials are water-resistant, very cold, and very hard. If you are tired of getting the chills every time you have to go to the bathroom then you should consider the following warming touches.

Install a Smart Bidet Seat or Smart Toilet

Hate the feeling of sitting straight onto a cold seat? Don’t underestimate the amount of time you spend sitting on the throne. A Smart Bidet Seat or Smart Toilet with temperature controlled heated seats is just what you need to chase away the winter chills. With instant heating, you’ll feel the warmth the moment you sit down.. Just a like a warm cup of tea in your hands.

Have Heated Towel Rails or Ladders

There is nothing like the warmth of a fresh towel straight out of a shower or bath. A Heated Towel Rail or Heated Towel Ladder can transform your bathroom with the comfort and luxury of a warm, dry towel. With an extensive range of designs and colours to choose from, this little touch can give you the best functionality and utility of space without compromising on style and design. Our ranges now come in brushed and polished finishes in Gold, Stainless Steel, Gun Metal, Rose Gold and more!

Choose Mixers at Your Basin or Shower

Twin taps can be annoying in the bathroom because one is always too cold and the other one is always too hot. A mixer allows you to get the perfect temperature so you can wash your face, hands, body in water that is the perfect cosy temperature everytime.

Get an LED Backlit or Frontlit Mirror with Demister

If your mirrors are always foggy right after a hot shower or bath, consider getting a LED Mirror with Demister. Your bathroom fan can help to circulate the hot steam in the bathroom but not without taking away some of the heat. This means a cold breeze whilst you’re getting dressed. Rather than keeping your fan on even after your shower to keep the mirror fog-free, our LED Mirrors with built in demister will do just that! Keep it on during your shower and come out to a mirror that is clear and ready to use as your get ready for the day or wind down for the night.

Get a Good Bathroom Rug or Two

Warm flooring solutions like carpets or natural wood aren’t the best idea in bathrooms and kitchens. There is just too much water that can damage these floors. Porcelain tiles with a natural wood look can be warm and inviting but they stay chilly to the touch. To reduce the chill, you should opt for a couple of thick bathroom rugs that you can lay down in strategic places. A rug in front of the tub or shower, in front of your vanity, and in front of your toilet will help keep the chill at bay.

Invest In Quality Towels

Thick bath sheets with warmer hues are also perfect for warming you up in the bathroom and adding a pop of colour. Look for luxurious bath sheets that are soft to the touch and big enough to cover your entire body. To warm up your bathroom floor tiles, you should focus on bath sheets with warmer hues.

If your bathroom is on the cold side, visit us at DC Ceramics. We offer a huge variety of bathroom products that are perfect for creating a bathroom that you the warmth you need during a cold winter’s day.

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