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6 Reasons To Renovate Your Bathroom In 2022

Does your bathroom have cracked tiles, poor lighting and overall gloomy atmosphere? Have you been putting off a much needed renovation? If that’s the case then 2022 is the year to get this renovation ticked off. If not anything else, the pandemic has made us realise how important it is to be comfortable in our homes and to be self-sufficient in this. Read on for 6 reasons why you should renovate your bathroom this year.

1) Enjoy luxurious baths

There is little that compares to relaxing in a beautiful bathroom surrounded by gorgeous, sparkling tiles and comfortable lighting. Taking a soak after a long day is something those with beautiful bathrooms can look forward to. There is no reason you can’t be one of them.

2) Deal with any ongoing issues

Bathroom renovations are the perfect time to deal with any ongoing plumbing issues. Any leaking taps, broken tiles or stained porcelain that has been bothering can be dealt with once and for all in a full bathroom renovation.

3) A chance to be eco friendly

Many of us wish to be more eco-friendly in the way we live, but the outdated mechanics of our cars, homes and lives can make this extra difficult. Modern bathroom accessories are actually designed to be more energy and water efficient. If you upgrade your bathroom systems, including lights, showerheads, and water pressure, then you can conserve natural resources and also reduce your water and electricity bills.

4) Better bathroom storage

Old bathrooms are simple. Sink here, bath there, toilet in the corner. However, families today need more storage space. Whether for hygiene products, shavers, or simply for their facial scrubs and creams, modern bathrooms need more storage. Renovating your bathroom will ensure you get this problem fixed.

5) Enjoy beautiful tiles

Of course, the tiles are extremely important in any bathroom. They create the ambience and theme of the bathroom, help waterproof your walls, and add style, colour and class to your bathroom. Choosing tiles from a reputable tiler will ensure that you get a good quality product at a bargain price.

6) Increase property value

Renovations and property upkeep are important in maintaining a house’s value. The bathrooms and kitchen are perhaps the most important rooms in the house from a buyer’s perspective. When it comes to selling your home, any bathroom renovation will pay off when it comes to buyer interest and what they are willing to pay.


There are many reasons to take the plunge and renovate your bathroom this year. You can have luxurious baths, feel less guilty about water waste, and enjoy the clutter free environment that your new storage offers.

At DC Ceramics we boast a wide range of beautiful and functional bathroom products, ensuring you can access everything you need for your dream bathroom. We aim to always offer quality products at affordable prices for the people of Melbourne. Pay us a visit today.

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