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5 Ways a New Bathroom Will Benefit You and Your Family

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Is it a good idea to invest in another bathroom when your entire family managed to get by with one bathroom until now? We understand that you might be skeptical because adding a new bathroom to your home is an expensive upgrade. Is it really going to make all that difference in your lives? Or will it be just another home luxury that you could have continued without?

You will be surprised at just how many benefits a new bathroom might bring. Your lack of enough bathroom facilities is probably causing most of the havoc in your home at this point in your family life. Let’s take a quick peek at the different ways a new bathroom can benefit you and your family.

1. Enhance Your Overall Punctuality

Are you always running late for parties, events, school, or showing up late for work? The morning bathroom rush is probably to blame. It is hard enough to get a bunch of kids up and ready for school in the morning when you don’t have ample bathrooms or full functionality of your bathroom space.

It is impossible to achieve this if you are all sharing the same bathroom. A new bathroom will make it possible for you to finally get to work on time and can make a huge difference in your overall punctuality.

2. More Privacy for Everyone

Kids tend to get pretty shy when they enter their teens and let’s face it, it isn’t fun at all to do your business in the bathroom when there is someone just a few feet away pounding at the door. An extra bathroom or powder room will give you a lot more personal space whether you are handling nature’s call or simply need to soak up in a hot tub.

3. Better Health for Everyone

Crowded bathrooms tend to get cluttered pretty fast with so many different cleaning products like shampoos, soaps, towels, and deodorants standing around. The more cluttered your bathroom is, the harder it becomes to keep things hygienic. With multiple bathrooms, the clutter is reduced and it becomes much easier to keep your bathroom properly disinfected. More bathrooms are also healthier for a big family because regular undisturbed bowel movements are a very crucial part of any child's or adult's digestive system.

4. Increase Your Home Value

There are two home upgrades that realtors swear by; kitchen renovations and bathroom upgrades. These are the two rooms that have the biggest effect on property values. The return on investment for these home upgrades is always pretty high. When you add an additional bathroom to your home, your overall property value will increase dramatically.

5. Entertaining and Hosting Guests Is More Comfortable

An extra bathroom is especially handy during holiday seasons when you are hosting a house full of guests. Guests can have more time in the restroom or might even have their own on-suite bathroom so they won’t feel like they are getting in the way when they are trying to stay close to you and your family.

DC Ceramics

A new bathroom is definitely a worthy investment because it will change so many things in your family life. It is time to reach out to DC Ceramics so you can start shopping for bathroom concepts. They offer a wide range of products and solutions that are sure to help you get a new bathroom no matter how limited in space you might be.

Quality porcelain tiles are vital, as the bathroom is possibly the most important room in the home. Get in touch with us for the best bathroom vanity units.

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