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5 Tile Trends To Consider For Your Next Home Renovation Project

Tiles can make a vast difference in your home, and there are a wide variety of tiles to choose from – understandably it can be a very daunting task. We have compiled a list of our favourite tile trends for you to take inspiration from, perhaps this will make your choices a little easier!

Terrazzo look Tiles

Terrazzo tiles are a trend that is here to stay! It has maintained its popularity for years - and it is clear to see why. Terrazzo tiles offer a fun visual element to your tiled areas that is unique and eye-catching. Available in many colours and finishes - terrazzo tiles are bound to cater for everyone’s needs! Natural Terrazzo is made of small pieces of marble embedded in concrete, and a porcelain Terrazo tile replicates this beautifully without the need for constant maintenance- making it long lasting and versatile.

Textured Tiles

Textured tiles can be a lot of fun and come in a large range of patterns, textures, finishes, and colours. The versatility of textured tiles means there are options to suit any household. They offer a fun visual element and can draw emphasis to certain parts of the home’s architecture if you would like. These are great to use as feature walls.

Marble and Stone Look Tiles

Marble and stone look tiles are a classic and for a good reason. Marble and stone look tiles bring a element of sophistication to your home, and are a classic design feature. There are many options to choose from - from different colours, to different finishes and different materials. Larger tiles have been very popular recently, as the larger size of the tiles means less grout lines, easier cleaning, and a more uniform appearance.

Coloured Tiles

Incorporating bold and bright colours into the design of your home is a rapidly rising trend recently. Why not join the fun and take advantage of the happy upbeat atmosphere that bright colours can bring to your home. There are a wide range of brightly coloured tiles available, and many available in a range of shape, size, and finishes. Consider making a feature wall out of coloured tiles, or use the tiles to enhance certain design features of your home alongside more neutral tiles. The possibilities are endless!

Decor Tiles

Decor tiles can be a whole lot of fun and bring a very interesting visual design element into your home. Consider using decor tiles as a feature wall or for the floor. They can essentially become a work of art built into your home! Decor tiles are not limited in variety, with a wide range of patterns, colours, and textures available - meaning there is an alternative to suit everyone and any space!

This guide covered some of our favourite design trends to consider for your next home renovation project, however there are still an abundance of trends we didn’t mention. If still in doubt feel free to give our friendly team at DC Ceramics a call, we are experts in all things tiles and are more than willing to help you find an option that is perfect for you!

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